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About Me

I'm Angela. This is my crew. Don't worry I don't bring them with me. Well occasionally the tall dark handsome one. Not going to lie...we’re a crazy bunch.

I love photography. Always have. I was a Communications major at Anderson and took some photography classes and then I had kids. That is where I honed my skill. There is NOTHING I have not seen

and not much I won’t do for a laugh.


Here’s what I is truly a gift from God. Wrap your head around the science it takes to take a moment in time, capture it and then print it. It's gotta be a gift to us. It’s art, it’s memoreable, it’s history.


Me’s how I roll

I’m going to come in to your life, possibly your home, move things around, tell you where to sit, kiss your baby, tilt your head, make you laugh, tell you what to wear and how to stand, dance around and share a few stories about my kids along the way. We’ll have fun I promise! I plan to be a part of your life.

I’d like you to be a part of mine.