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What To Expect

Newborn-  The majority of newborn shoots are done in your home.  If the weather is nice, I am happy to do them at a park as well.  Babies love outside.  They love warm sunshine, warm blankets and warm homes.  I use a heated pad and a space heater for the baby so it is not necessary for you to turn up your heat if your baby is sensitive to cold.  I bring props with me for the baby regardless of gender, but if you have your heart set on a particular prop you should ask me if I have it, or make sure you have it on hand for me to use.  I will take elements from your home that I find interesting.  That may be blankets with great texture or bowls, baskets and other things that draw my attention.  If you don't have anything at all that's ok.  I do.   Do not clean your house for me.  I will be by windows and sliding glass doors.  I do not need a lot of space for these types of shoots.  I don't care if there's dust and dirt.  I have boys...I do not judge anyone's home.  In rare cases, I will put up my portable backdrop stand for studio type pictures.  Family and sibling pictures are ok at these shoots, but if siblings are young you may want to book extra time to allow for those types of pics. Outfits for newborn are ok, but most are too big and do not look like you see them when you hold up the outfit.  Wraps work best as they can wrap around any size baby and make them feel secure and warm.  Naked is great too!


3 month pictures-  These are much like newborn in that I bring props to your home as well.  Even if it is nice outside I do recommend these pics done in studio as 3 month olds normally only have about 20 min of good expressive time as these developments are so tiring for a baby that they are tired out easily.  Often times they can open their eyes enough to do pics outside because it is still very bright to them.  I usually recommend 1 outfit and then transition to naked pics or pics that accentuate this fun stage as this is when all their parts are nice and plump and do not have a lot of muscle tone yet.  The yummy stage.  Some 3 month olds smile, but at this milestone it is more of a gift than a guarantee during your shoot.   Keeping them on schedule that day will help, but this is a very unpredictable age and is a 'go with the flow' type of shoot.


6 month- 1 yr.  These shoots are so fun.  6 month can be done indoor/outdoor.  Naked pics are often done at this age or 9 month since it is easy to place baby in a position that does not show any private parts but shows how cute all their other parts are at this milestone.  Some are sitting up, but not all are.  9 month is usually preferred outside as they are starting to move, but they will pick up everything and anything off the ground since they are learning to put food to their mouths and are excited about it.  They are usually placed on a blanket or propped holding on to a tree or prop since most can stand, but not yet walk.   You should be prepared in this shoot to have your legs, arms or whole body in the shot as lifting them up makes them very happy.  Flying through the air is fun for them. More than one outfit change is appropriate.  1 year pictures are much like 9 month old pictures depending on where they are developmentally.  Cake smashes are great! Please make sure if you do a cake smash indoors that you have a sheet that you don't mind getting dirty.  My backdrop is the lining for it, but most cakes will stain my vinyl backdrop.


18 months-  This stage is tough, but so rewarding.  They are not old enough to bribe, but they are becoming more independent and don't really appreciate having it taken away during a photo shoot.  If they were not walking at 1 year, they are by now so this is a great milestone to capture. I recommend outside, but indoors is ok too if weather is restrictive.  This is very much a 'go with the flow' age and posing this age is not recommended.  They need to keep moving to the next thing or they will get upset.  They are exploring everything and taking it all in so keeping them moving distracts them and keeps their brain busy.   If they will stand still long enough, outfit changes are great!


2 years+-  Brace yourself and just let me capture it.  Some are bribable at this age, but some are not.  If you can bribe, you can make requests of your child.  If they are not, I recommend you do not pose this age.  It will only lead to frustration for all of you and may inhibit great pictures.  Kids are truly not pose able well until the age of 5.  That's ok though because capturing their exploring is so fun and only lasts for a short while. 


Family and Extended family shoots-  These are heavily posed in the first 20 minutes.  Whether you're 1 or 100 everyone loses focus after about 20 min.  The rest of the time should be spent interacting with your family and doing what you would do on a normal basis at a park or out and about.  I am just there to capture it and guide you into bringing out those dynamics that make your family unique.


Shoots are not the time for discipline.  They are for bribing and coercing.  If your child is not doing what you ask of them it's ok to go have a talk with them, but I have found positive enforcement works much better and helps the experience for everyone more comfortable.


Its ok if you don't LOVE pictures...everyone is bribable.  I'll do my best to make it as fun as it possibly can.  I hope you will do the same.  If your partner is at this shoot please have them read this page.  The more information a person has the more at ease they may feel about the whole experience.  Realistic expectations is the key to a great experience.


Ask me any questions you feel were not answered above.  Looking forward to meeting you.  Connecting with people is one of my favorite things in the world!



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